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  1. Dear Keep Talking Greece,

    I tried to contact you via your contact form but my message wouldn’t send. I don’t know how else to get in touch and hope that this reaches you.

    I write to you from Transparency International in Berlin where I work in communications. I am putting together a video about one of our projects and came across your photos while searching for images of flooding in Athens, Greece: https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2016/11/27/rainstorms-flood-athens-and-zakynthos-one-man-missing-picts-videos/. I was wondering whether it would be possible to use any of these photos in the video?

    The project is about public procurement in Europe. By using a tool that we call an Integrity Pact we are monitoring the implementation of 17 big infrastructure projects across the EU to prevent misuse of public funds. One of the projects is to build flood pipelines in the Athenian suburb of Attica – there have been a number of destructive floods there in recent years. The purpose of the video is to help communicate the work we are doing to wider external audiences.You can learn more about the project here if you are interested: https://www.transparency.org/whatwedo/activity/clean_contracting_safeguarding_eu_funds_in_europe

    Thank you in advance for your time.
    All the best,


    • keeptalkinggreece

      Dear Alice, thank you for the request. The video is from Alpha TV copy pasted and uploaded on youtube by newsitv
      (you can see it when you click youtube, down right on the video). You have to ask permission by them.

  2. Tried to send the contact form but capta wouldn’t accept it

    I’ve seen several facebook posts, twitter posts and now avaaz petition about the cruelty of the treatment of donkeys in Santorini. Know it’s also reported in a Greek online news source. http://www.enallaktikos.gr/ar34649el-i-eidylliaki-friki-tis-santorinis.html but the pictures that they are all claiming to be of donkeys in Santorini with horrific wounds are from a post in 2014 about the brick factories in Nepal. This needs putting right.

    I know of donkey owners in Lindos, I know they are not perfect but they would never abuse their animals in this way. They rest them at the hottest times and even closed down for several days in the last heatwave. Each man also has several donkeys so that they rotate them around and give them days off.

    Here is the original article about Nepal https://dogahayvanozgurlugu.wordpress.com/tag/calistirilan-hayvanlar/ I hope that as you have a large audience you can put this right before more people start thinking that Greeks treat their animals this badly.

    Thank you

  3. how does one contact you your website form isnt working

  4. Hello,

    As others have mentioned, the contact form isn’t working for me as well. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your article “Lidl erases Church crosses from Greek emblematic landscape on food packaging”. This is a very important issue and I’m very happy to see that this website is pushing against this matter which is horrible and an absolute insult to Greek culture and an entire religion. I also wanted to bring to your attention that it is not only Lidl that is guilty of committing this obscene act. The companies Danone and Stonyfield, whom both carry the name “Oikos” as part of their line of Greek yogurt, have also removed the crosses from Santorini churches displayed on their packaging. You would be able to see multiple examples of this by conducting a quick search on the internet. Perhaps you can report a follow up story and bring light to this particular example as well. Maybe this will be able to spark a chain of other observations like this going on around the world.

  5. Dear Editor

    I admire the job you are doing with the website.

    However I DO feel that it is very one-sided and does NOT have a global viewpoint.

    If you ever want a less biased opinion on what is TRULY happening in Greece – feel free to contact me. I am a very experienced stockbroker and asset manager who has seen it all.

    George Cocolas

  6. On 6 April you posted an article on Mark Fuhrmann paddling by kayak all the way from Norway to Greece on his Silent Heroes Piece Prize journey. Well, Mark arrives in Athens on Friday this week!

    Since leaving Oslo in April, Mark has stopped in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Bremen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Nice, Venice, Zagreb, Split, Budva and Tirana. His next and final destination is Athens. His route has taken him over open seas, canals, and rivers, and will cover more than 5600 kilometres when completed, taking nearly seven months.

    He has worked with over three thousand students and lectured about local peace and small acts of kindness to hundreds of people and students. In addition, The Piece Prize has donated some 200,000 kr to local charities in the 10 cities he has visited.

    He has done three things in each city.

    1. A Peace Attack – handed out hundreds of red paper hearts made by the students with encouraging words people to be kind to those around them. Small acts of kindness.

    2. Silent Hero – Together with the schools he finds a person who works freely with their time to help those who are isolated. He donates between 1000 – 1500 € to this person who then has to give it back to their local community.

    3. Peace videos- He distributes on the social media videos about these silent heroes and also experiences with people he has met on his journey.

    He nearly lost his life approaching Gothenburg when he capsized in strong waves and currents and was saved by a rescue team who were alerted by two people walking on a cliff who just happened to see him and alert the local coast guard.

    Now he is only a couple of days away from paddling into Athens. This morning he crossed the channel Antirrio to Rio which was a challenging and scary experience due to the high winds and waves.
    Would you be interested in following this up with another article?

  7. why have you so many illigal hpuses in greece??

  8. Inquiry

    Hey there,

    I am working on behalf of a B

  9. Can you please unsubscribe me from Keep Talking Greece – I enjoy the website and updates – but my INBOX is voerloaced at this thime…..I cannot find any indicator on this website how to do this myself THanks

  10. Query

    The Greek goverment was very good about granting inoculations to uninsured foreigners. Is there any news about the need for a second booster for the elderly?

    Thanks for all you do.

  11. I am writing this to see if you are interested in exposing a hotel in Zakynthos that has mistreated my daughter in every way possible. She was asked/begged to go and work there for 6 weeks and to return in May of 2024 until October 2023. She is studying in Athens and left her studies and pending exams to fulfill their needs. She had explained from the start that she had no previous experience in this field. The management (a spoilt 22 year old, daughter of the owner) had relayed that the environment was a friendly and one big happy family. From the start everything was vaguely instructed except for work. She was placed in a basement with no window as the living accommodation and told to work 7 days a week from 12.00 to 17.00 and again 20.00 until 00.00 (which was the closing of around 01.30 am) everyday of the week except for Friday which was working from 15.00 to 00.00 (again for the closing). Surely this is illegal!!! She was given 1 set of a uniform and told she should go a buy another one, even though originally she was told that she would be provided with a uniform. The Management and majority of the staff obviously trying to accommodate the 22 year old boss were unkind to my daughter with their remarks and demands. My daughter is a quiet, kind and soft person who is not used to people treating her in this way. Psychologically their attitude towards her has really affected her with non stop tears. On the 6th day the Management approached my daughter and told her that she does not fit in and should leave asap. She paid her cash, so this was off the books and asked her to leave, with no notice or verbal or written warnings. This is illegal!!

    Plus please bear in mind that this hotel has mice everywhere which was cited by my daughter, the swimming pool is surely illegal as it is over 1.5 m in depth, the treatment of my daughter was totally and utterly uncalled for and cruel.

    I am a frustrated mother who is very upset with the mistreatment of my daughter, if you cannot help with this being brought to light, please direct me to the correct place.

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