Friday , March 22 2019

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20 charged for the wildfire in Mati that claimed 100 lives in July 2018

Greek authorities have charged 20 people with negligence in connection with the country’s deadliest wildfire in decades, which killed 100 and devastated the seaside town of Mati near Athens last year. Court officials say the suspects include the greater Athens regional authority chief, Rena Dourou, the mayors of Mati and …

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Greek authorities arrest Bulgarian national for babies trafficking

Authorities in Northern Greece have arrested a Bulgarian citizen for trafficking babies. The 38-year-old man was arrested while he was trying to return to Bulgaria although arrest warrants were issued there as well. According to media, the man would find poor mothers in Bulgaria, offered them a price and bring …

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Flooding phenomena force locals to abandon their homes in Evia

Dozens of o houses have been flooded, fruit and vegetable crops have been destroyed, the road network in many places is inaccessible and dangerous because the water height exceeds one meter in some areas. Residents in Liani Ammos, Agia Eleousa and Dokos are desperate and abandon their homes and businesses …

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Greek 10-year bond yield at 3.9%, bids exceed €11billion euros

Investors’ bids on a new Greek 10-year bond issue exceeded 11.3 billion euros, with the interest rate of the issue set at 3.9 pct, state news agency amna reports citing sources on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, in an announcement to the Athens Stock Exchange, Greek authorities said that bids …

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Greece to recruit 10,000 doctors and health staff with 1:1 scheme

For the first time after the Greek crisis and the bailout agreements, the government will implement the scheme 1:1 in order to strengthen staff in the country’s health system. The scheme 1 recruitment  : 1 departure/retirement was abolished by the lenders’ first bailout of 2010 and replaced with 1:5 scheme …

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Greek Holocaust-themed game shocks Jewish Community

A Holocaust-themed game created by a Greek company has shocked the Jewish community and prompted their outcry. The company “Great Escape” created an escape-room game with direct reference to Steven Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List.” The outcry by the Jewish Community prompted the company to change the game name into “Secret …

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