Tuesday , May 21 2019

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Χριστός Ανέστη! Jesus is risen!

Happy Easter and may the Light of Jesus Resurrection brighten your life and gives you health, love and peace of mind. Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the biggest feast of Christianity and so does KTG. PS the weather is fair and spring is calling us to the fields.  

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Nafpaktos: They celebrate Good Friday with fireworks (video)

An impressive custom revives every year in Nafpaktos on Good Friday. Thousands of believers follow the procession of two Epithaphs and arrive at the “flaming” harbor. The fishermen of the area arrive by the sea transporting the religious symbols on a boat. The custom has its roots in the time …

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S& P affirms ‘B+/B’ rating, sees Greece’s economy growth at 2.8%

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has affirmed ‘B+/B’ sovereign credit ratings on Greece and projects an economy grow by 2.8% on average over 2019-2022. Furthermore, the agency said that “Greece has one of the most advantageous debt profiles of all our rated sovereigns in terms of maturity and average interest …

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Greek Easter Wishes in … Morse Code!

Did you always want to know how Greek Easter wishes could be translated in the Morse code? Captain Morgan has the solution. In a post on twitter he sent his Easter wishes in Morse Code. Σε ολους σας κ με την γλώσσα του Μορς στέλνω τις ευχές μου.Η μετάφραση σ …

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Good Friday Epitaphios: Pieces of art with 100,000 pearls

Good Friday is the day of mourning for Orthodox Christians as the Passion Week reaches its peak. Highlight of the day is the Epitaphios procession with the icon of the body of Jesus inside. Typically the icon is a large, embroidered and rich adorned cloth. It is placed inside the …

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Greeks pay the most expensive mobile internet

Greek consumers pay the seventh highest charges in the world to buy a gigabyte of data to surf the internet on their phone, according to a survey conducted by British company Cable in 230 countries. The nominal price of 1 GB in Greece reaches up to 28.93 euros, while the …

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