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Wildfire on Kythira under control after 8% of the island burned down

The large wildfire on the island of Kythira has been finally taken under control. However, the damage is immeasurable. At least 8% of the island has been burned down. The wildfire that broke out on Friday had no active front on Tuesday morning. The fire is fully demarcated, only small …

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Wildfire rages on the island of Kythira for second day (picts, video)

Fire fighters have been struggling all day and all night to extinguish the huge wildfire that broke out on the island of Kythira on Friday morning. One settlement was evacuated, power outages occurred. It is not a majestic sun set – it’s a horrific wildfire The fire broke in the …

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Wildfire in Kryoneri, NE Attica, as Civil Protection warns of high risk MAPS

More than 60 firefighters, 25 fire trucks, four aircraft, two helicopters and volunteers have been battling against a big wildfire in Kryoneri, in the north of Athens. Strong winds blowing with intensity up to 7 Beaufort hinder the efforts to extinguish the fire. The fire broke out around 10 o’ …

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Extreme Weather: Stormy winds up to 8 Beaufort mainland and the islands (maps)

Heat wave goes, stormy winds coming from the North. Sharp temperature drop. A tiny breeze started to blow from South/South-West around 4 0′ clock in the afternoon, Sunday . It was not exactly “cooling” but it did have a small effect and gave hope that the suffocating  heat wave of …

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