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ECB Draghi had no right to close Greece’s banks

The decision of the European Central Bank to freeze the emergency liquidity in summer 2015 and force the Greek government to close the countries bank was possibly not legal. This is stated in the Italian daily Il Manifesto that quotes Fabio de Masi, member of German Die Linke in the …

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EU in need of Democracy Reform: Serving the people vs Serving economic interest

I suppose the following article is also an explanation on how the European Union corrupts national politicians – or better say: allows national politicians to corrupt their own citizens in order that the latter support the rotten system in Brussels. How? By using European taxpayers’ money for the famous EU …

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Pressure in Davos: Reports claim Schaeuble wants Grexit debate in 2016

A storm is brewing over Greeks’ heads with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble to insist on Grexit? According to Wall Street Journal, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is trying his best to avert a fresh confrontation over Greece’s bailout, the country’s broken finances and the participation of the International Monetary …

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SYRIZA split: Left Platform to run for elections, it may even claim mandate to negotiate for a new Greek govenrment

Twenty five SYRIZA lawmakers mainly from Left Platform of former Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis split from the party Tsipras’ party on Friday morning and formed their own independent group with the name “Popular Unity”. The anti-Memorandum party will run for the elections called on Thursday after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras …

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Creditors’ new combo “The Troika Four” started inspections in Athens

I have been wondering whether the new Troika which is a Quartet should be called “The Creditors’ Quartet” or “The Troika Four” or just “Greece’s creditors”. The new combo of representatives from European Commission, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Stability Mechanism definitely news a new short description, …

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Greek Parliament approves creditors’ bill, rift in SYRIZA remains

With overwhelming majority the Greek Parliament approved the second bill of “prior actions” demanded by the country’s creditors. The Bill was approved with 230 votes. Against the bill voted 63 lawmakers among them also 31 from Tsipras’ SYRIZA. Another 5 SYRIZA lawmakers voted “present”. Voting result: YES 230 SYRIZA, Independent …

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