Saturday , February 16 2019

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Government and banks strike deal on protection of “main residence”

The Greek government and representatives of the country’s four systemic banks have finally agreed on the issue of debtors and the protection of the ‘first residence’. After weeks of negotiations, the government and the banks agreed on the framework that will protect the first residence of defaulting borrowers. The criteria …

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Greece to create no-flight zones for drones around its airports

Chinese drone maker creates no-fly zones around airports in 32 European countries, also in Greece. The Chinese drone company DJI will roll out a new system to protect airports from drones this month. The upgraded security system will be applied to 32 countries in Europe. It comes after drones disrupted …

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56 people die of flu in Greece, 18 alone in the week Feb 3-10

Another 18 people lost their lives due to flu during February 3-10, raising the death toll of flu victims to 56, Greece’s Disease Control & Prevention KEELPNO announced on Thursday. In the same period, another 40 people were admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the country’s hospitals. There is …

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Video from inside plane after turbulence on flight to Chania

Turbulence during the flight from Athens to Chania. Passengers seem cool, despite the strong trembling. Are they afraid? Most likely…. For almost two hours the pilot of Flight 344 of Olympic Air was struggling against powerful winds and rain. He had left the Athens airport for Chania, Crete, where he …

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Bad weather causes power problems in Athens, Evia & Peloponnese

Two short power outages in Athens set locals in a state of alert early Wednesday evening. lights in our neighborhood flickered for at least two times in a short period. Citizens report of current fluctuation or of “short but repeated power outages.” According to some media, the power problem has …

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