Wednesday , November 14 2018

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Cycladic female figurine unearthed in Akrotiri excavation Santorini

Important findings have been unearthed in the excavation site of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini. Inside a clay chests from the 16th century BC, archaeologists discovered a Proto-Cycladic female figurine made of marble. The finding delights the community of archaeologists and archaeology fans. Inside rectangular chests made of clay …

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European Commission releases data on Funds to Greece to deal with Migration

The European Commission has published a list of recipients of funds to Greece to deal with the migration crisis. An amount totaling 1.6 billion euros has been allocated to non-governmental organizations, international organizations and Greek authorities, even though only half of it has been disbursed. The Commission released €650 million …

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Greece bans obese tourists from riding donkeys on Santorini

Greece has banned obese tourists from riding donkeys after animal rights campaigners said the creatures were being left with spinal injuries and open wounds. The Greek Ministry of Rural Development has reportedly published a new set of regulations with regards to donkeys’ well-being, but the situation has still a long …

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Folli Follie “cooked books” for ten years, says prosecutor

A prosecutor in Athens referred to indications of fraud in the balance sheets of 18 Folli Follie subsidiaries dating back to 2007, in requesting the freezing of bank accounts and safe deposit boxes belonging to the embattled company’s principal owners, the Koutsolioutsos family, and board members. According to naftemporiki, economic …

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Official dinner for Steinmeier with War Reparations on the Greek menu

Greece’s war reparation demands from Germany are “legally active and judicially enforceable,” President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said in his address at the official dinner held in honor of visiting German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Budenbender. Pavlopoulos said that Greece’s demands were not unilateral or …

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Manager of famous Kolonaki cafe arrested for stealing electricity UPD

Police officers have arrested the manager of a prominent coffee bar visited mostly by local  politicians and established  journalists in Kolonaki districts of downtown Athens close to the Parliament. Together with members of the Greek Electricity Distributor  Network Operator DEDHE,  police officers reportedly went to the busy coffee bar short …

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