Thursday , January 17 2019

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Lightning strikes Eurowings flight EW652 from Cologne to Thessaloniki

A shock for Eurowings passengers heading to Thessaloniki in North Greece from Cologne in Germany on Wednesday morning. A lightning stroke Eurowings flight EW652 forcing the pilot to return to departure airport for safety reasons. Eurowings flight EW652 had to return to Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday morning, after the airplane …

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Prespes Agreement seriously harms Greece’s Coalition Government

Junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos and several of his ANEL lawmakers are determined to withdraw from the government once the Prespes Agreement will come to Greek Parliament for ratification. Constitutional procedures in FYROM are expected to conclude on Jan 15 and the Agreement to come to Greek Parliament towards end …

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Ryanair strands 201 passengers in Romania instead of Thessaloniki

Dozens of Ryanair passengers were shocked to find themselves in Romania instead of Greece on Friday night. The plane from London to Thessaloniki landed in Timisoara airport in west Romania on Friday evening, as the pilots could apparently not land in Macedonia airport in Northern Greece due to low cloudiness. But …

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