Thursday , May 19 2022

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Coronavirus cases in Greece rise to 6,416; distribution; 27 deaths

Coronavirus cases rose to 6,416 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and 27 patients died of Covid-related issues. The number of intubated Covid-patients decreased further to 196, Greece health authorities announced on Tuesday. The number of confirmed infections since the pandemic began is 3,371,051. Of the 6,416 new coronavirus …

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With 10.2% Greece’s inflation breaks 27-year-record in April 2022

Inflation in Greece broke a 27-year-record in April reaching 10.2%, Greek Statistics Authority ELSTAT announced on Tuesday. The rise of the Consumer Price Index reached a historic high since 1995. Consumer Price Index (CPI) of April 2022 (reference year 2020=100.0) is depicted as follows:The CPI in April 2022 compared with …

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Greece: 2,819 coronavirus cases; intubations drop below 200

Greece’s health authorities announced on Monday 2,819 coronavirus cases and 22 deaths in the past 24 hours. For the first time since months, the number of intubated Covid-patients dropped below 200. The number of confirmed infections since the pandemic began is 3,364,598. Of the 2,819 new coronavirus infections 313 were …

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Legendary Greek porn star Kostas Gousgounis passes away at 92

Legendary Greek porn star Kostas Gousgounis passed away at the age of 92. He died last Friday at an Athens hospital after suffering a heart attack a few days previously, media reported. His burial took place on Monday in Artemida, in eastern Attika. Gousgounis, who was born in Larissa on …

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Greece opens again embassy in Kiev

“In a move of high symbolism, the Greek flag is flying again in Kiev today and the Greek Embassy opened again its doors in the Ukrainian capital,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced on Monday in statements after his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Kenya Reychelle Omamo. Η ελληνική σημαία …

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