Thursday , May 19 2022

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Coronavirus cases, deaths, intubations in Greece on downward trend

“Ιn a year we would be able to know if we are at the coronavirus endemic stage,” assistant professor of Epidemiology and member of the epidemiologists’ committee of the Health Ministry Ghikas Magiorkinis said on Sunday. He determined the year after April 2022, that is April 2023, saying “I believe …

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Shipwreck off Kos: 106 migrants incl 20 children on board

One hundred and six migrants, including 20 children, were located by the Greek Coast Guard in a rocky area northwest of the island of Kos late on Saturday.Kos and were transferred to the Kos Identification Center. A  sailing boat was found to have half-sunk on the shore where the migrants …

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Ferry DALEELA restores maritime link between Cyprus and Greece

After a break of whole 22 years, the maritime connection between Cyprus and Greece is to be restored again. Cyprus-flagged ferry MV DALEELA a ropax type ship managed will leave the port of Limassol on Sunday, June 9, for the port of Piraeus, expected to arrive after 30 hours. DALEELA …

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PM reveals energy measures: 60% rebate for 6 months, yet with a cap

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Thursday evening a package of relief measures for households and businesses with the aim to tackle the soaring energy prices and to calm down an increasing social anger. In his televised message the Prime Minister announced a program of four key points that includes …

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