Friday , November 16 2018

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Ceiling collapses in public hospital in Piraeus, injures one woman

Pieces of the ceiling in a room of a public hospital in Piraeus have reportedly collapsed injuring one woman. According to workers’ union at Greece’s Public Hospitals POEDIN, the ceiling collapsed Thursday midnight and injured the mother of a patient scheduled to be operated Friday morning. The accident took place …

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Rhodes without power supply as both PPC plants go out of order

A blackout occurred at 10:20 on Friday morning leaving the whole island of Rhodes without power. According to preliminary information, the blackout occurred due to a technical problem initially in one of the power plants on the island. both power plants on Rhodes are out of order. While technical teams …

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Migrant crossing via Evros river sees sharp increase in October

Authorities in northern Greece have reported a sharp increase in migrant crossings at the country’s land border with Turkey along with a rise in arrests of smuggling suspects. Authorities say migrant crossings at GR-Turkey border 82 percent higher in October than previous year. The number of migrants registered and arrested …

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EU approves Greece and Bulgaria natural gas interconnector

The EU competition regulators have approved a plan by Greece and Bulgaria to build and operate a natural gas interconnector with public funds. The European Commission said on November 8 that Bulgarian and Greek plans to support the construction and operation of a 182km cross-border gas interconnector (“IGB”) between Komotinin …

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US sanctions againt Iran to harm Greece’s shipping sector

Although Greece is one of the eight countries currently exempted from the US sanctions against Iran, the shipping sector will soon see the negative effects. Of the 217 oil tankers that ferried Iranian crude oil in the first six months of this year, 81, or 37%, were Greek-owned. Thanks to …

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