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Two refugee baby girls drowned on first day of EU-Turkey deal

Deal? What deal? Turkey keeps sending boats loaded with refugees to Greece, as apparently Turkish Authorities do little to prohibit and “stem the refugees flow” as it is nicely said on the deal paper. Two babies, two girls, one and two years old, were drowned on Sunday morning off the …

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EU-Turkey deal: What will happen with refugees trapped in Greece?

A small group of refugees has launched a protest with 5-6 men to have laid on the rails track near Idomeni camp. They hold cartons reading “Open borders”. But borders in the north of Greece and the rest of Balkan Route countries are closed and will remain closed, according to …

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Tough bargain with Turkey on Refugees, but will EU states stick to their commitments?

The day in Brussels started with a breakfast. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council president Donald Tusk, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and an army of assistants sat around the long table do discuss Refugees and Migrants. Juncker and Tusk present a draft of the EU-Turkey deal that they …

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Police arrests retired aviation officer for smuggling Iraqis to Italy

Greek police arrested a retired high ranking officer of Civil Aviation and former town mayor and four other members of a smugglers gang for illegally transporting refugees from Greece to Italy. The arrests occurred at the small airport of Mesolongi, Western Greece, while the gang was about to take off …

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“Six Principles” Draft for EU-Turkey deal released

A load of papers has been produced by officials and commissioners and presidents and vice presidents in Brussels just a couple of hours before the EU Leaders Summit meet to find solutions for the Refugee and Migration. One of these documents is a Six Principles draft aiming to strike a …

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Latest data: 42K refugees registered in Greece; 13K in Idomeni as Athens prepares to move them by Sunday

According to the Refugees Crisis Management Coordination body, there are  41,973 refugees currently in Greece. According to data released on Thursday. If there is confusion about the numbers of the registration, please, note that the number are real registrations and that they lag behind arrivals by a day or two. …

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