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Clashes among refugees in Piraeus, 7 injured (video)

Syrian and Afghan refugees delivered clashes on Wednesday night in the port of Piraeus. Greek media report that at least 300 people got involved in the clashes that left 7 injured and only the intervention of riot police after midnight managed to end the havoc at the port where more …

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Refugees pay €1,000-€14,000 to smugglers in order to escape Greece

Migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, stuck in Greece, are turning to a barely disguised smuggling market for passage to other European countries. With borders to FYROM, Albania and Bulgaria closed, human traffickers promise new routes and new ways to take the desperate refugees and migrants all way to Germany …

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FYROM to keep borders to Greece & Serbia “closed” until Dec 31/2016

The Parliament of Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia decided today, Monday, to keep its borders to Greece and Serbia closed until the end of the year, until December 31st 2016. Reason for extending this measure was the migration and refugee crisis and “the increased efforts by migrants to enter the …

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Bad coordination: Dutch policemen on Lesvos to assist returns to Turkey, 2300 EU-staff for asylum procedures …absent

Seventeen policemen from the Netherlands arrived on the island of Lesvos on Thursday afternoon. According to local EmprosNet.gr, “the policemen arrived on a C-130 and are to be involved in the return of migrants and refugees back to Turkey,” as the EU-Turkey deal foresees. Citing local authority sources, EmprosNet reports …

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UPD Greece increases security measures at airports, certain embassies

After the terror attacks in Brussels this morning, Greece decided to increase security and surveillance measures at airport and embassies of countries involved in war against the Islamic State. Security measures have rather a ‘preventive character” as there was no specific information about threats on potential upcoming attacks,” , Greek …

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Two refugee baby girls drowned on first day of EU-Turkey deal

Deal? What deal? Turkey keeps sending boats loaded with refugees to Greece, as apparently Turkish Authorities do little to prohibit and “stem the refugees flow” as it is nicely said on the deal paper. Two babies, two girls, one and two years old, were drowned on Sunday morning off the …

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