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Tsipras calls Merkel: YES to NATO provided it operates within Turkish territorial waters only

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently discovered THE solution to bypass Greece’s objections to European conservatives’ proposals for joint Greek-Turkish patrols in the eastern Aegean Sea. Angela Merkel discovered the NATO and wants the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty to halt the refugees and migrants flow to Europe. During her …

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Locals clash with police in Kos over Hot Spots, Sindos municipality threatens to occupy the refugees’ camp

Residents on the island of Kos in Eastern Aegean Sea and the municipality of Sindos in Northern Greece vehemently oppose the establishment of Hot Spots and Refugee camps. In Kos, a group of hot spot protesters clashed with police on Saturday. Clubs, teargas and even “unbelievable threats” ended in the …

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EU Blackmail worked: Greece to rush for 5 hot spots & 2 relocation camps – but many questions still open

The EU blackmail of “Schengen expulsion” apparently worked. Greece will speed up the establishment of five migrant registration centers (hot spots) and two relocation camps. After a meeting with several ministers, the Prime Minister’s office said that: the completion of 5 “hot spot” registration centers for refugees and migrants on …

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Europol: at least 10K unaccompanied child refugees disappeared in Europe

At least 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees have disappeared after arriving in Europe, according to the EU’s criminal intelligence agency. Many are feared to have fallen into the hands of organised trafficking syndicates. In the first attempt by law enforcement agencies to quantify one of the most worrying aspects of the …

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Simple formula: Germany wants EU’s external borders in FYROM to avoid burdening its economy with €10 bn per year

Alarmed by the press leakages about Greece’s expulsion from Schengen or the establishment of a 400,000-people camp in Athens, EU officials rushed to dismiss ‘the news’. EU sources told Greek private Star TV that “there has never been a plan to expel Greece from Schengen.” Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon …

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Survey: 3 in 10 Greeks cannot afford heating or hot water

Residents in several underprivileged suburbs of Athens and Piraeus have seen their economic situation to have dramatically deteriorate and consequently also their living standards. According to a survey conducted by the Greek Ombudsman: one in five residents seeks soup kitchens and social groceries in order to get food. Three in …

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