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WSJ: German-IMF Rift Stalls Greece Deal; PSI vs OSI

The PSI deal is here, there and everywhere… While Greeks, investors, several finance experts and journalists are eager to see the deal finally complete, it looks as if there is some rift that between two of Greece’s lenders and central players: Germany and the International Monetary Fund. Here is an excerpts from the interesting article by …

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UPD: Papandreou-Samaras Agreed on Unity Government!

Scroll Down for the Latest Updates -Original Title of the post ” Greece’s new government – They play with our nerves “… But in fact Greek politicians play with their own nerves, the nerves of the media and the nerves of the Europeans. The nerves of the market investors, share holders and hedge …

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Greece – Euro Zone Summit

With eyes turned to Euro Zone Summit and holding their breath Greeks monitor the overwhelming developments in Brussels, lurk for the slightest official or off the record comment that could hind or imply a positive or negative development for the Greek debt crisis. The aim is to reduce the massive Greek debt, to help …

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German BILD: Must Greece sell the Acropolis?

I have been wondering… should I comment cynical, satirical, offended or just angry? I can’t decide… But slowly an answer comes up in my mind. Yes, we can sell the Acropolis for 1 trillion euro but only to Bild readers and only if they manage to collect this sum with the social care …

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