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What’s Up in Greece on March 22?

The  use of military air base at Souda Bay from coalition forces against Libya and the cross of Greek economy is up in Greece today. Several citizens are certainly up and thus from early in the morning to protect their interests. For example, pensioners from Agioi Anargyroi suburb of Athens …

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Athens: Migrant attempted to set himself on fire

One migrant tried to set himself on fire while the group 300 former hunger strikers were getting on the buses to be transported to the island of Crete. Greek media reported that  one migrant poured fuel on his body and attempted to burn himself out of protest. His fellowmen managed to …

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Kavala: Jobless Couple on Hunger Strike

A jobless couple set a tent on the main square of Kavala, Northeast Greece, and started a hunger strike. The aim of their desperate action? To get a job! Lazaros Papadopoulos, 60, and his wife Frideriki Toka, 40, saw no other solution to raise attention to their problem. They have been without …

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What do 139 Greek policemen do in Santo Domingo?

A charter flight with 73 illegal immigrants, 139 escorting Greek police officers and 2 doctors are leaving for the picturesque and exotic island of Santo Domingo in the Caribic today. Some time ago 19 men and 54 women crossed seas and oceans and covered a distance of  5605.5 Miles – 9021.3 Kilometers …

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Evacuees from Libya: Some went missing-Greece fears they might stay illegally

There seem to be problems with the evacuation of foreigners from Libya via the port of Heraklion on the island of Crete as Greece is fearing that evacuees from South East Asia may join the army of illegal immigrants in the country. Already 15 Shri Lankans went ‘missing’ after arriving …

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Greeks: Ready to Migrate at 38% – Eurobarometer Report

Thirty-eight to one hundred Greeks and 48 in a hundred EU-citizens  is ready to leave the residence and to move to another area or country,, if unemployed and facing problems finding work. These results from the Eurobarometer survey, released a couple of days ago  in Brussels, concern the geographical mobility in the …

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