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Absurd overtaxation: Low-incomers, unemployed taxed 3 times their income

Thousands of unemployed taxpayers with no income at all or very low one have been called to pay disproportionately high taxes between 2,000-4,500 euro. Why this? Blame the so-called deemed income criteria that calculate a fictitious tax according to living conditions and not real income. The absurdity of this taxation …

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Greek Absurdity: Dead Men Pay Taxes….

News like that prove that the debt-ridden country with the empty state coffers is still able to make you smile instead of crying. From time to time. While the Finance Ministry under caretaker Pikrammenos government does its best to get even one cent from taxpayers, the extensive zealous of some officers leads …

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Surreal Greece: Taxation According to Age Criteria

That Greeks have been living in real surreal conditions, is something that people live here have been knowing for decades. But now, in times of the Troika, things are getting more and more absurd.  After the tough bargain between the Troika technocrats and Greek Finance Minister on Thursday morning (I will report about …

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