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UPD Outrage as wealthy SYRIZA minister Antonopoulou receives 12,000 rental allowance

Alternate Labor Minister Rania Antonopoulou is in the middle of a scandal as she has been receiving a rental allowance of 12,000 euros per year. The allowance has been approved in September 2015, ever since she was appointed Minister in the Greek government. This is a normal procedure if the …

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“Heating allowance”: Austerity mind-set thinks poor Greeks freeze less in the South

This year’s ‘heating allowance’ for the poor and the needy will be cut by 50%. The total amount from the state budget will drop from €210 million last winter down to just €105 million. Blame the austerity, the bailout programs, the prior actions  and the shortage of liquidity. In the …

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Crete: prosecutor wants 2 years imprisoment for widow, 90, for illegally receiving allowance

A prosecutor at a court in Chania, proposed a two-year prison sentence for a 90-year-old widow. The woman had illegally collected allowance by the social security fund IKA, after the death of her husband. For seven consecutive years, the widow received allowance payments totaling 67,000 euro, in addition to pension …

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Unemployment Benefit Goes Down to Ridiculous €359 per Month

Greece rushed to obey to its lenders dictates ahead the Eurogroup meeting on Thursday afternoon. Just a couple of hours earlier the Ministries of Finance and Labour had hastily signed an agreement that the unemployment benefit will undergo reductions of 22% as the minimum wages. Unemployed Greeks will receive (ridiculous) €359 per …

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Greeks Queue For Jobless Allowance… Just €460 per Month

After two days of strikes in public sector Greeks rushed to state banks and unemployment offices. Payday! Where pensions and unemployment allowance are paid on certain days of the month. Older neighbors reported that they had to wait 2-3 hours to get their pensions, in the average 600 EUR. But worst …

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Jobless Allowance Increases at 7.25 euro

This is a real great news in times of austerity, recession and depression! A great relief for all jobless in Greece. The monthly allowance for unemployed is to increase from 454.25 to 461.5 euro. The amazing amount of €7.25 more per month can supply the jobless with one chicken and a …

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