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Dramatic forest fires in Rovies, Evia; big blaze nears Ancient Olympia (videos)

Forest fires Greece: Locals and tourists in Rovies, Evia were urged to rush to the sea on Wednesday afternoon as the big fire front was heading to the village. Hardly had dozens of people reached the beach to be transferred to safety with coast guard vessels and the blames started …

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Coronavirus: Lighting Ceremony of Olympic Flame without spectators

The Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame will be held without the presence of spectators, the Hellenic Olympic Committee said on Monday. The Committee rejected a postponement request by the Olympia Municipality. The Ceremony is scheduled to take place in Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese, on Thursday, March 12. In a statement …

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Ancient Greek child leaves footprint on clay brick, from Olympia to eternity

An Ancient Greek child left its footprint to eternity. Archaeologists in the excavation site in Ancient Olympia discovered the footprint of a child estimated to have been 6 years old when it stepped on a brick of clay still that was still fresh. Archaeologists of the Institute of Hellenic Antiquities …

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Rare slab with verses from Homer’s Odyssey discovered in Ancient Olympia

Greek and German archaeologists have made an important discover: a  slab of clay inscripted with 13 verses of Homer’s epic poetry the  Odyssey. The slab was discovered in the Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese, the Greek Culture Ministry said in a press release. It seems that it is the oldest written form …

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These are the Ancient Artifacts stolen from Olympia Museum (pcts, video)

 Greek police released pictures and video footage of the recovered artifacts stolen from the Museum of Ancient Olympia, after three Greeks were arrested on Friday for the armed robbery in February 2012. The bronze and terracotta statuettes, vases and lamps, which date from the Geometric to the Classical era, all found and …

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Ilia: Torrential Rains Flood Large Areas – One Dead (pics, videos)

A woman, 80, lost her life last night in Ilia, when she was trying to get out of her home and escape tons of rushing water. The woman had a tragic death. She was found drown, trapped at the wire fence of her house. Due to torrential rains that fell in …

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