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Thessaloniki: Political parties boycott National Day parade

Even the representative of Samaras’ coalition government party, he himself personally, the leader of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos was absent from the traditional military parade to remember the OCHI-Day and commemorate, the No Greeks told the powers of Axis on 28th October 1940. There were some unconfirmed claims in the press …

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Greek Bankers At Odds with Gov’t Over “Haircut” & Recapitalization

 There is a strong public confrontation between the Greek government and the Greek banks as the latter oppose a haircut of 50% or more percentage. Tuesday morning, prime minister George Papandreou while calling political parties and citizens to show ‘collectedness’ ahead and after the critical EU Summit on Wednesday, describing the ‘haircut’ …

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Greece – Troika at Odds Over Budget Deficit

Negotiations between Greece and its Troika lenders seem to have reached a deadlock. Greek media report that the meeting was interrupted Thursday night in Athens, and that the EU/IMF/ECD representatives did not complete their review of the Greek economy for the release of the sixth tranche of the €110 billion …

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