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Schaeuble pleasurably chews his bitter-sweet Grexit candy

In fact, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble agrees with the International Monetary Fund in one thing: they both doubt about the success of the 3. bailout program. However, as Schaeuble can never agree on the Greek debt relief proposed by the IMF, he chews again on this little bitter-sweet candy …

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Presidential elections? I got that feeling of Greek Déjà vu

I have the strong feeling that since yesterday I live a Greek déjà vu experience. Components of the situation we face today that is the “political games vs snap elections” strongly remind me of summer of 2009, when then main opposition party PASOK was threatening the government of Nea Dimokratia …

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NYT op-ed: Only the Left Can Save Greece

Samaras’ coalition government did not fall apart, the prime minister of Greece survived another crisis, however   the risk of early elections has not being averted. The economic austerity circumstances make the survival of any coalition government and Samaras in PM-chair for another three years almost impossible. Just to add some …

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