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Greek Health Ministry closes down psychiatric hospitals, EOPYY doctors on strike (Nov 25-Dec 3/2013

Employees at Psychiatric Hospital Dromokaiteio proceeded to symbolic closure of its main entrance on Monday morning. The action aimed to protest the “mobility scheme” ordered by the Troika and executed by Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, that will leave the main public psychiatric hospitals of the country almost without personnel. Mental …

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Greek Revenues Secretary: In-debted companies should close down

Another revolutionary proposal by a Greek official and thus the man in charge of Public Revenues. Haris Theocharis. He proposed that “companies with debts to the state pension funds or to employees would better close down than to remain open and produce further deficit.” Τheocharis made this statement last Friday …

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Austerity Kills Patients in Greek Hospitals

Austerity translated into “medical personnel shortage” started to formally kill patients in the Greek public hospitals where conditions resemble more and more those of a Third-World country and human lives are sacrificed on the altar of the economic crisis. The tragic incident occurred in the state hospital in Alexandroupolis. A neuro-surgeon was …

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Athens: Two historical hospitals to suspend services

 Greece health condition is deteriorating. Life supporting organs collapse, the one after the other. The serum tubes dry up. As the patient dies, there seem to be no need for many hospitals. Aretaieion and Aiginiteion, two historical university hospitals in Athens downtown are reportedly to close down.  The managers of the …

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Turkish Bargain: Closure of NATO base for EU Full Membership

Turkey is a hard bargainer and would never give something for nothing. Even if it is something that it woun’t definetely wants. Ankara blackmails to give its to consent to the closure of NATO base in Izmir only in the context of trading full EU membership, a Turkish daily reported. A …

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Athens: Austerity in Public Services closes down Kindergartens

Cutting personnel is one thing, but it becomes problematic when it creates a deadlock and public services are getting hindered. Then you cannot cut the number of citizens. Severe shortages are observed in 87 kindergartens in Athens downtown after the termination of work contracts of 250 employees. However the children …

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