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Thessaloniki: Pensioners Protest Health Care Cuts

Several dozens pensioners symbolically blocked access to insurance funds at the Ippokratio public hospital of Thessaloniki to protest the cuts in the Greek health sector and so-called ‘reforms’ that ofrce them out of their pockets for prescription medication. The pensioners from private sector insurance funds like IKA, Sailor’s Fund (NAT), Self-employed Funds (OAEE) …

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BBC: Why Greece Is The Sick Man of Europe

It’s high time that international media start to report about the real hardship Greeks have to deal with each and every day, especially with shortages and cuts in the health care sector. If you consider that due to unemployment several hundred thousand Greeks are without social security the access to health …

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Greeks in the Tropic of Austerity

Wherever you sit and stand you will get confronted with private stories and destinies in the Tropic of Greek Austerity.  A huge scissors made of steel cuts salaries, pensions and jobs. Within a single month people see their income vanished and they have to cope with just 550 euro to feed their …

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First “Jobless Club” in Crete

What can you do in austerity and recession times? Organize yourself ! Unemployed youth of Heraklion in Crete established the first “Jobless Club” with the aim to promote their interests in the local labor market and authorities. One of the major objectives of the association is to meet members of the …

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IMF/EU/ECB guys deeply frustrated about Greece’s public sector realities

It seems that slowly Greece’s lenders come more closely to the Greek realities. Apparently the IFM/EU/ECB controllers are deeply frustrated that they wouldn’t hesitate to propose shocking solutions for drastic cuts in public spending. “The situation is deteriorating instead of improving,  tax and customs offices are not able to collect revenues, corruption …

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