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Village evacuation as fire rekindled on Lesvos; fire on Samos under control

Residents of the Vrysa village were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday afternoon after the fire in the south of Lesvos rekindled. Strong winds had revived the seemingly inactive fire pockets and thick smoke developed within just 15 minutes, state broadcaster ERT reported. The Fire Service gave the recommendation for the …

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Two large fires in West Attica force evacuations; Fire Service briefing

Residents in two settlements in West Attica have been ordered to evacuate early Tuesday evening after a fire broke out in agricultural and forest land in Mandra. It is the second wildfire in the broader area, after the one in forested area in Haidari suburb of Piraeus, some ten kilometers …

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Thousands of hectares burned in Dadia Natural Park, on Lesvos

Over 2,528 hectares have been burnt in the Dadia National Park in North-Eastern Greece following a fire raging since July 21, according to maps of Greece’s National Observatory of Forest Fires (NOFFi) released on Monday. NOFFi, which provides a semi-automatic burned area mapping service (NOFFi-OBAM), also said that over 1,709 …

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Fires are raging in Vatera, Lesvos, and Dadia Natural Forest in NE Greece

Several major fires are burning across Greece on Sunday burning down thousands of acres of forest and low vegetation land, forcing residents and tourists to evacuations. Some of the 53 wildfires that started on Friday and Saturday still raging at Sunday noon. The most extensive, and dangerous, fire is the …

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Smoke from the fires in Dadia and Lesvos reached the coast of Libya

The smoke from the forest fires on the island of Lesvos and the Natural Park Dadia in Evros, north-eastern Greece,  has been consolidated and has reached the coast of Libya in North Africa. According to the director of the National Meteorological Service (EMY), Thodoris Kolidas, the smoke from the fire …

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