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Daughter stabs father for alleged sexual abuse; both arrested

A 57-year-old man and his 26-year-old daughter are facing charges of domestic violence on Monday after the daughter stabbed the man with a knife. Τhe daughter accuses him of sexual assault.She faces charges of possessing and using a weapon. The father is also facing charges of domestic sexual abuse. Father …

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Thessaloniki: Police arrests woman and daughter for stabbing father to death

Police in Thessaloniki arrested a woman and her daughter and put them behind bars on Tuesday pending trial. The two have been charged for premeditated homicide in a calm mental state and violations of gun laws over the killing of the father of the family. The father, a 49-year-old taxi …

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Daughter kills dementia mother, abandons body on the street

Passersby on a street of Goudi neighborhood of eastern Athens made a macabre discovery short after 5:30 afternoon last Saturday. The body of an old woman, a dementia patient living in the area, was wrapped in a blanket and abandoned on the pavement. They alerted police that cordoned the area …

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Greek ‘Psycho’: Son stabs mother to death, stays with body in apartment

A criminal case that has features of Hitchcock’s Psycho was revealed in Nea Smyrni, suburb of south Athens on Thursday. A 38-year-old man was found to have stabbed his 64-year-old mother to death. When police raided the apartment, they found the body of the woman on a armchair. The son …

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Train driver allowed teenager daughter to drive the train

A teenager girl in shorts test driving a train? Ah, no problem! “Driving a train is” allegedly “a piece of cake”. Therefore the train driver let his daughter on the command of a train full of passengers. You know, in the art parents give private car driving lessons to their …

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