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Daylight saving time: Don’t forget t change the clocks tonight

One hour less sleep, but one hour longer day light. Clocks in Greece will need to be set one hour forward in the night from Saturday to Sunday, March 24th to 25th 2018. The change takes place occurs at 3:00 a.m which will suddenly be 04:00 a.m. The change back …

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Winter time: set clocks one hour back on October 27/2013

Clocks will be set one hour back in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 27th 2013. Exactly at 4 a.m. clocks will have to show 3 a.m. The action is due due to daylight saving time, a process that may confuse our biological clock for a week or so …

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Daylight saving time – clocks change Mar 31/2013

It’s time for summer time – daylight saving time – again. On Sunday, march 31st 2013, we will have to change our clocks one hour forward. In Greece the change takes place at 3 a.m. that suddenly becomes 4 a.m. If your clocks do not automatically change, you have to change …

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Clocks to be set back one hour, Oct 28/2012

Days will be shorter as of next Sunday, October 28th 2012. Summer-time or Daylight saving time ends and clocks will have to be set back one hour. The good thing is: we are going to be allowed to sleep one hour longer on Sunday. The bad thing is that Greeks will fall back …

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