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Public Order Minister Presents Parliament with Suspected Golden Dawn Crimes

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias on Tuesday presented Parliament with a list of violent and criminal acts that have been attributed to deputies and officials of the ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn in police reports from around the country. The lengthy document was submitted to the House following calls for an …

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State NET-TV Presenters Censored for Criticizing Public Order Minister Over Guardian Torture-Report

A case of censorship in Greek state broadcaster ERT/NET. Kostas Arvanitis and Marilena Katsimi, presenters of news-magazine “Morning Information” on NET TV were removed from the magazine due to comments on Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias over the Guardian-Dendias conflict. Nikos Dendias had threatened to sue  British newspaper The Guardian …

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Chrysi Avgi Raids On Street Vendors Shock And Spark Outcry

The raiding incidents against foreigners are shocking – especially when they are led by elected members of the Greek Parliament. Men in black raid the stands of foreign street vendors, no police is around to hinder them. They do it once, twice, a third time maybe… The incidents cause uproar, …

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Greece to Use Water Instead of Teargas Against Rioters

“Tear gas has exhausted its effectiveness, we’re thinking to use water against rioters,” Greek Minister of Citizen protection Nikos Dendias said on Wednesday. Speaking to Real FM, Dendias described the use of water as an “attempt by the Greek police to focus on more modern ways.” As the autumn is expected to …

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