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Greek gov’t unveils guidelines for farming and use of medical cannabis

The Greek government is proceeding in fast-track with the regulations for the legalization of the farming and use of medical cannabis. At a press conference, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, Rural Development and Foods Minister Vangelis Apostolou and Economy and Development Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou unveiled details of the relevant draft bill …

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Draft bill to overhaul Greek trading regulations

Dozens of provisions are to overhaul trading regulations in Greece and trigger the anger of milk producers, pharmacists, booksellers, bakers. The changes containing in the 191-page multi draft submitted by the Greek government to the Parliament are one more Troika-imposed precondition for the next bailout installment of some 9 billion …

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Greeks collapse but MPs keep their salaries at existing levels

Greek lawmakers are about to vote to keep their salaries and expenses at the existing levels. A draft bill will be voted in the Parliament next Monday. I write “it will be voted” because nobody would dare believe that any MP whether from the coalition government nor form the opposition …

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Greek Prison Directors: “Sorry, We’re Full!”

In an unprecedented move the directors of three Greek prisons decided to put a ‘padlock’ to the prisons they manage and do not accept any new inmates. The directors of prisons in Athens, Chalkida and Tripoli sent letters to the Minister of Justice and prosecuting authorities announcing that the prisons …

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