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Tsipras (SYRIZA): Scrap the Bailout Programme and Renegotiate it!

Nationalization of banks, halting the privatization of state-run enterprises, partial or complete debt cancellation for indebted households, wealth confiscation for those making false tax declarations: Leader of left-wing SYRIZA and main challenger of conservative Nea Dimocratia at the June elections, Alexis Tsipras revealed the party’s programme. ” We introduce our programme, a  programme …

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Samaras Reveals Ambitious Economic Programme of Nea Dimocratia

Greece’s conservative party leader, Antonis Samaras (Nea Dimocratia) revealed the party’s economic programme 17 days ahead the June 17 elections. “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” Samaras said during his programme presentation on Thursday afternoon in Athens. Jobs, no new taxes, no new horizontal cuts, cancel emergency taxes or scale them back  are …

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