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Greeks more concerned with economic impact than the coronavirus itself

The effects of the severe economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic are a cause of concern for Greeks much higher than the virus itself. According to a public opinion survey conducted by PULSE on behalf of Skai TV, 63% of respondents said that they are very worried about the …

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Drama: shops closed after merchant commits suicide due to debts

Shops in Drama, Northern Greece,  will remain closed for several hours on Tuesday to mark the tragic death of a local retailer. The clothing merchant committed suicide on Monday unable to deal with the growing number of debts. “He was in despair, he feared seizure and foreclosure,” relatives told local media. His colleagues decided to …

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Public Survey: 80% Greeks expect their economic situation to get worse

Greeks are increasingly pessimistic about the economic situation of the country in general, and their own situation in particular. In an online public opinion survey conducted by online newspaper ““, participants also expressed their opinion about current issues like police interventions, “civil mobilization” of Athens metro workers. As for politics, Samaras’ …

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Greek Pension Funds in Difficult Situation

Greek pension funds go from bad to worst. No wonder that with an unemployment galloping at 16% -and rising tendency- you will hardly find labourers pay their contributions. Furthermore the increased unemployment benefits paid out to several hundred thousands jobless do not make things better. One grave mistake of the …

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