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The Economist: Samaras Government, Papademos Deputy PM

The official date for the early parliamentary elections has not be set yet, however the scenarios about the day after start to make the rounds. The magazine The Economist forecastsa win for conservative Nea Dimokratia but not enough majority that would allow it to form one-party government. The Economist predicts that the …

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German FinMin to Greeks: “Elections is your Right, But Fulfil the Agreement is your Duty”

Over the weekend German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble gave two interviews about Greece. One to Greek daily To Vima and one to Italian La Republica. To the Greek daily he said that Germany is ready to do whatever it takes to help Greece and stressed the proposal to send German tax …

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German FinMin: Blatant Intervention in Greece’s Democratic Procedures

The boldness of some EU so-called “partners” of Greece has apparently no limits. Just hours before the Eurogroup teleconference on Wednesday evening and after conservative coalition partner Antonis Samaras sent his written commitments to the country’s lenders, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble made a blatant intervention in Greece’s democratic procedures. …

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Survey: 48.1% Greeks Say “Yes” To Bankruptcy?

No matter what dilemma PM Lucas Papademos puts on the table (Bailout+Austerity or Default), the Greek people seem to have a different opinion. They haven’t elected him to be prime minister anyway.  In a public survey conducted by RASS, 48.1% of the Greeks say “Yes” to Bankruptcy, while 38% say “No”. The …

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Survey: 60.7% Greeks Want Elections by 19. Feb 2012

It is just one month after the coalition government of ex-banker Premier Lucas Papademos came into power and Greeks are already fed up. According to a public survey conducted by MRB, 55.1% say that the image of Papademos’ government is ‘bad’ , while 60.7% of Greek citizens want parliamentary elections …

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Post-Post Modern Coup D’ Etat – It’s the Markets, Stupid!

Unelected but appointed leaders head the governments of  two of the four debt-ridden countries of the euro zone. Lucas Papademos in Greece, Mario Monti in Italy. The so-called ‘national unity’, ‘salvation’ or ‘coalition’ governments in both countries came into power under the time pressure applied by markets attacks. Their tactic is known meanwhile: a …

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