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Kebab and Gyros narrowly escape “death sentence” at European Parliament vote

Kebab and Gyros narrowly escaped the “death sentence”  in European Parliament earlier on Wednesday, when MEPs  were called to vote thumb up or thump down to a proposed ban on phosphate, an additive substance that can be of health risk for human consumption. According to Deutsche Welle, the vote needed an …

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Incredible prison break with helicopter & rope ladder (video)

A footage from inside the Trikala prison shows each detail of a prison break staged by a notorious Greek criminal and his Albanian partner. With the help of a helicopter and a rope ladder the two inmates were supposed to escape. But many things went wrong. The helicopter appears while …

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Venizelos Fails To Form Greek Gov’ – What’s Next?

Efforts by PASOK-leader Evangelos Venizelos to form a coalition government failed on Friday afternoon. He could not convince SYRIZA-leader, Alexis Tsipras, to join a so-called “ecumenical government” by PASOK-ND-DEMLEFT.    Right after the one-hour meeting, Tsipras, said a clear “No”. Venizelos is expected to return the mandate to the President tomorrow and the …

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Greek Prison Directors: “Sorry, We’re Full!”

In an unprecedented move the directors of three Greek prisons decided to put a ‘padlock’ to the prisons they manage and do not accept any new inmates. The directors of prisons in Athens, Chalkida and Tripoli sent letters to the Minister of Justice and prosecuting authorities announcing that the prisons …

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