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My Prefect Greek Soutzoukakia: Smyrna Meatballs with cumin and green olives

It is one of the most delicious Greek dishes with ground meat: Soutzoukakia Smyrneika Σουτζουκάκια Σμυρνέϊκα or simply Smyrna Meatballs. They are flavored with cumin and garlic, fried and then simmered in tomato-wine sauce. Greek refugees from Asia Minor introduced the dish to the Greek cuisine after the 1920 and …

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Longest Garlic Braid: Greek woman breaks Guinness World Record (video)

Nea Vyssa-resident and “garlic knitter” Dimitra Athanasova Tzoridou just broke the world record with the longest garlic braid, totalling 612 metres and 70 centimetres. The record was previously held by Hungary at 255 metres. The attempt was made at the four-day 18th International Trade Fair Alexpo 2018 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. …

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My Prefect Greek Cheese-Spinach Pies for Lazy!

I think it’s high time to post a food recipe – some blog visitor has even complained that “he will have to eat my Christmas stuff until Eastern” if I don’t add new recipes…. I think his complain reached me four weeks ago lol. On the occasion of possible Carnival …

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