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UPD Crete: Roma girl, 11, gives birth to a baby

It is not the first time that a minor girl gives birth to a baby, but it is certainly a Greek first. Sunday evening, an 11-year-old girl visited a hospital in Irakleio, Crete, complaining about acute pain in the belly. Much to the surprise of the hospital personnel the minor …

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Thessaloniki: 13-year-old girl dies from brazier fumes; mother arrested for being ‘illegally in Greece’

A 13-year-old girl died from what it looks carbonmonoxide poisoning from the fumes of a make-shift stove. The girl from Serbia was living together with her mother in an apartment without electricity in Xirokrini by Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. According to Greek media, the mother and the daughter had used …

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Little Maria: not a “blonde angel”, but an “albino Gypsy”?

What??? The biological parents of “blonde angel” Maria are not blonde? How could this happen? Can a geneticist explain how did a dark-haired and dark-skinned Roma woman give birth not to one but to two little blonde Gypsy angels? Or aren’t they “blonde angels” anymore? Now that it was DNA-proven …

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Patras: Father of bedridden girl on hunger strike to protest health care cuts

The father of a bedridden girl started a hunger strike on Monday morning in order to raise attention to the problem of harsh cuts in Greece’s health care system. Nikos Poulkoutzis’s daughter Maria suffers from a rare disease. The girl is bedridden and in need of high medical and personal …

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