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Goat kid swept away by rushing waters in Chania rescued by passerby

In the unprecedented difficult moments people experience in the Prefecture of Chania a touch of hope: a little goat swept in a well by rushing stream waters was rescued by a passerby. The goat kid was found in the well under mud and debris swept away by the stream in …

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Volunteers rescue dozens of animals dumped on uninhabited Greek island

For three consecutive days animal welfare volunteers kept sailing to the small uninhabited island to rescue lives. More than 50 cats, a couple of dogs and even a goat baby were abandoned on the island without proper care, food and water. In the middle of summer, in July. Starving, thirsty …

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German tourist injured as he tried to save a goat chased by a dog

A German tourist literally risked his life trying to save a goat that was chased by a dog. The man  suffered serious injuries when he fell into a rocky area on the island of Antiparos. The middle-aged man and his wife were walking along the sea side in the west …

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Greece heat wave: Goat, sheep seek coolness in local hospital

With the wind, hot and dry blowing from the south-west, Tuesday was one of the hottest days in Athens. 41° Celsius at 5 pm in the shadow. Incredible. the lucky ones of us closed balcony doors and windows and turned the A/C on: 25 degrees. Perfect. The unlucky ones, without …

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