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Transparency International: Greece & Italy Most Corrupt among EZ countries

Greece and Italy top the list of Eurozone countries perceived as corrupted according to Transparency International a watchdog on public sector corruption. Greece got 3.4 points and Italy 3.9 points with Greece ranked at the bottom of the 17 members of the EZ. Among the 27 members of the European …

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NYT: Conspiracies, Coups & Currencies – Greece & Italy

Do the markets cause the end of Democracy in Europe? If their pressure on elected governments is immense, the answer is most probably…. “Yes!”. There is this interesting article published on New York Times about “Conspiracies, Coups and Currencies“. It coincides more or less with the KTG-article “ Post-Post Modern Coup …

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Post-Post Modern Coup D’ Etat – It’s the Markets, Stupid!

Unelected but appointed leaders head the governments of  two of the four debt-ridden countries of the euro zone. Lucas Papademos in Greece, Mario Monti in Italy. The so-called ‘national unity’, ‘salvation’ or ‘coalition’ governments in both countries came into power under the time pressure applied by markets attacks. Their tactic is known meanwhile: a …

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Italian FAI claimed responsibility for letter bomb to Greek prison director

An Italian organisation took responsibility for the letter bomb sent to Director of Korydallos prison in Athens. “Informal Anrachist Federation (FAI) had attached a  two pages proclammation inside the letter bomb that was safely detonated by police experts on Thursday. The proclamation was writen in Italian and was detected at forensic …

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Letter bomb for the Director of High Security Prison in Athens

A letter bomb was sent to the Director of the high security Korydallos prison in Athens. The envelope was detected at noon time among the correspondence at the guards’ booth at the male prisoners premises. The suspicious package was neutralized by experts. Greek media report that the envelope had stamps and …

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Italian MV Explora ‘exploited’ by Turkey, urges Greece to protest Démarche

Boiling from anger and seeing with envy the Greek-Israeli rapprochement , it seems that our friend and neighbor Turkey is keen to create new conditions in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Sea – it jumps  young and boldly  there where it is not asked to be. Not only a Turkish frigate …

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