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Unemployment in Greece Breaks New Record: 24.4% in June 2012, 1:4 Without Job & Income

Unemployment in Greece broke another record in June reaching 24.4%. In comparison: 17.2% in June 2011 and 23.5% in May 2012. More than 50,000 people lost their jobs within one month, which translates that almost 1,200 working places were lost per day. And this during the summer period, when traditionally the …

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Greece(22.5%) and Spain(24.8%) Lead in EU and EZ Unemployment

Greek’s never ending Calvary: Unemployment. Every month, a new record. Unemployment reached 22.5% in April  – in comparison 21.9% a month earlier and 16.2% a year earlier. According to Eurostat, Greece has the second-highest unemployment rate within the European Union, after Spain that sadly leads with 24.8% (June data). However Greeks …

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Jobless Man, 42, Commits Suicide – 350 Incidents in June 2012

The relatives of the 42-year-old man were shocked to find him on Monday morning hanging in his home in Amaliada town of Peloponnese. The man was jobless since quite some time and was father of two children. This tragedy is one of the many that hit families in times of …

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Fun Side of Greek Opinion Polls: ND 24.5% – SYRIZA 24.5%

THIS we haven’t seen before: a complete tied result between the parties that come first in public opinion polls. According to public opinion poll conducted by Pulse RC for the political weekly TO PONTIKI in the ‘voting intention’ : ND 24.5% – SYRIZA 24.5% – PASOK 13.5% -INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7%, KKE 5% …

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Candidate from Greek Hunters’ Party on ND Elections List

“We have learned with pleasure that Nea Dimocratia put on the elections list in the B’ electorate of Athens, Nikolaos Stathopoulos, president of the D’ Hunters’ Association. We believe that such initiatives will meet the support of Greek hunters, who would in fact cast their voters in favor of ND” said …

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