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Multinationals blackmail Greece: Part-timers on €250-300 monthly salary

Turning Greek labour forces into “Chinese workers” without rights and an as-minimum-as-possible wage  seems to be the dream not only of the International Monetary Fund, the Troika and Germany but also that of multinational companies. Allegedly in the name of holy competitiveness, multinationals want to trade “peanuts” for “salary” in order to invest …

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Labor Dark Ages: Work More, Get Paid Less – The Troika-guys get heavily on my nerves

The technocrats from International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the European Central Bank are convinced that citizens of a bailout country should not be humiliated only on the papers, they should be humiliated also in practice. The so-called Troika-guys decided that an 8-hours work per day and a salary …

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