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Lagarde claims “Greek Referendum will be legally invalid”

IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde finally found the needed strength to express her view on Greece’s Referendum. Speaking to BBC, Lagarde said that next Sunday (July 5th) referendum will not be valid as the creditors’ proposal and program end on June 30th. “I can’t speak for the IMF program, because …

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Eurogroup ends without deal, Merkel threatens “deal vs markets” & the IMF says “no default if payment missed 30.6”

After lots of anger and disagreement the Eurogroup ended on Thursday afternoon without a deal. Exiting the meeting, Greek Finance Mnister Yanis Varoufakis said that the Eurogroup decided to continue talks today and tomorrow and thus on the two documents submitted both by the creditors and Greece. “Discussion will continue …

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What did the IMF do wrong with Greece? Almost everything

There is no doubt that the international Monetary Fund imposed a not only a strict austerity program in Greece – as in many other countries. Moreover, the Fund has created a downright mess in the Euro-member country as it apparently could not deal with a currency that cannot be devalued. …

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Juncker, Draghi & Lagarde call Tsipras to Brussels on Wednesday

They must have been in a great hurry to close the deal with Greece. Who? The heads of the three Institutions, the country’s main creditors, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. Jean-Claude Juncker, Mario Draghi and Christine Lagarde called Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on …

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Lagarde: Greece talks need “adults in the room” (correction)

With unacceptable irony, intimidating remarks and political “bullying”, the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund, Mme(?) Christine Lagarde, attacked Greeks at the Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday. “For the moment we are short of a dialogue, the key emergency is to restore the dialogue with adults in the room,” …

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Berlin summit: Greece’s creditors “need to speed up intensity”

Tthe meeting started at 11 pm and is expected to last until deep in the night. Reuters reported before the meeting that the five meet “with the aim of reaching a joint position on how to negotiate with Greece.” The 5 may issue a joint statement on Tuesday. Draghi and …

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