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Greece’s Meteo updates warning as snow front moves to the South

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY updated Sunday noon its warning of snow weather front “Leandros” that is currently sweeping across the country. The next wave of weather deterioration will bring snow, sleet, torrential rainfalls, thunderstorms, gale-force winds and total frost. The recent EMY weather warning has been updated as the …

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Snow weather front “Leandros” dresses parts of Greece white (vds, picts)

Snow weather front “Leandros” dressed white many regions in north and central Greece, parts of the Peloponnese and even the mountains surrounding the Attica basin and the northern suburbs of Athens. Temperatures dropped significantly. Some parts of the national Athens-Thessaloniki highway have been reportedly closed for heavy trucks since 5:45 …

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Greece Weather Warning: Dense snowfalls, frost, heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms

Cold front “Leandros” with dense snowfalls and very low temperatures has started sweeping across Greece and the National Meteorological Service EMY has issued a weather warning. The cold snap will bring snowfalls in areas of a higher altitude in northern and central Greece but even in the lowlands of Macedonia, …

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