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Troika bailout agreement: looting Cyprus natural resources

The final terms of the bailout agreement between the Cypriot government and the troika of international lenders are to be worked out and have been finalized until Thursday, in order to be approved by the Eurogroup working group. The deal is based on the bailout terms agreed last November with …

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Athens: Angry Mob Destroys Migrants’ Shops – One Migrant Stabbed

The district of Agios Panteleimon turned into a “battlefield” during the last days after the attack against a local hairdresser that sparked a storm of reactions by residents and provided opportunity to right-wing extremists to start violent actions against migrant vendors, with the pictures of the damages to remind one of …

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Athens Riots: Looters On Video; Police Responsibility

 Athens, Feb 12, 2012: For about 10 minutes, some 10-15 looters try to breach the shutters of  a shop selling mobile phones in downtown Athens. Some of the looters wear hoods, some do not. While they are busy with their looting attempt,  there is not even a sign of police around. The …

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Athens: Rioters Asked Money in Order Not to Burn Down Shops

Movie theater ASTY in downtown Athens was one of the facilities that came under attack by rioters and vandals. George Stergiakis’s testimony to news portal NewsIt is shocking: “The hoodies asked money from me in order not to burn down the underground cinema.” The incident took place around 6.30 in the afternoon. …

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