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Sofia Vembo “Children of Greece, Children”: The inspiring song of OXI Day

Sofia  Vembo, the national voice of Greece during the Greek-Italian war and the Axis occupation. The singer and actress became a major inspiration for the soldiers fighting at the war front and for the people in general. Her most famous song that encouraged the Greek soldiers during the Greek-Italian War  …

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Popular singer and song-writer Arleta passes away at 72

Popular Greek singer, song-writer, music composer, and illustrator Arleta passed away at the hospital of Evangelismos on Tuesday. She was 72. Unique presence with ballads, authentic voice, a creative personality. Her songs marked the Greek music scene for more than 50 years. Their is no Greek who did not sing …

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US rapper Rick Ross’ Greek-inspired song “Santorini Greece” (video)

American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross released a new album with a Greek-inspired song: Santorini Greece. It is the second track of the album Rather You Than Me (2017) and it focuses on Rick Ross’ past compared to his present. According to music websites, Ross talks about a lot of …

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Hillarious! Greece’s Eurovision song had a secret message to creditors?

Things are not always as they seem to be. While millions of Europeans thought that the Greek Eurovision song was about a broken heart and desperate love with all essential emotions of betrayal, endless pain and struggle… Alas! The lyrics of  “One last Breath” sung by Maria Elena Kyriakou could …

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Bithikotsis: Be Patient – Dedicated to New Austerity (Greek music)

 What if a debt restructure with all its negative impact for an endless poverty for the people.. what if new austerity measures will come… One is the recipe for the future: Patience! “Be patient” is another Greek classical song in the divine music of Stavros Xarchakos and the metallic voice of Grigoris …

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Sotiria Bellou: Min Klais – Dedicated to IMF bailout countries (music video)

I just read in our FB page the worries of a Portuguese woman about the inevitable country’s bailout  by the International Monetary Fund hawks. She was wondering how doe sit look like to be in the arms of speculators… creating a post-modern lumpenproletariat in the 21st century! The old, nice, …

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