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UPD Death toll rises to 90 after Athens wildfires victims die in hospital

Two more victims of Athens wildfires died over the weekend in hospitals of the Greek capital A 55-year-old woman died on Saturday night and an 85-year-old man on Sunday noon. Both were hospitalized in intensive care units since 23. July 2018. The woman had reportedly extensive burn on 90% of …

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Record temperature and number of tornadoes hit Greece in 2017

Greek meteorologists published the list of the most extreme weather phenomena recorded in Greece in 2017. These data includes the highest and the lowest temperature, the strongest wind intensity but also the number of waterspouts. The highest temperature was recorded in Moires by Herakleio, Crete: 45.8 C on 1. July …

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Greece publishes maps for hydrocarbon research in Ionian Sea and off Crete

The Greek Environment and Energy  Ministry published the maps for hydrocarbon research and exploitation rights. The areas are located in the Ionian Sea and off the island of Crete. The map were published on the Government Gazette on Wednesday. The areas affected are: Ionian Sea: One plot north of the …

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Prolonged heat wave with 40-41 C to sweep across Greece

Winds down, temperatures up. Or in meteorologists’ language: Beaufort decrease, Celsius increase. Weather forecasters speak of a prolonged heat wave up to 41 degrees Celsius. Temperature will gradually rise over the weekend and will affect initially Western Greece. Then the hell will grab large parts of the country from North …

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UPD Greece Civil Protection warns of high risk for wildfires – Maps

Greece’s Civil Protection Authorities issued a statement warning of high risk for wildfires due to high temperatures and upcoming strong winds. The warning is for Sunday, July 2nd  2017. +++ Civil protection expanded the areas as at risk of wildfires due to the meteorological forecast for strong winds up to …

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