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Greece Mid-Term Austerity: Will They Vote For It?

The Parliament group of governing party PASOK is boiling after the announcement of the new austerity measures. The voting on the Mid-Term Austerity Programme has been set for June 29th and 30th (Implementation Law). Already two PASOK deputies declared this morning on Greek television channels, that they will not give their …

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Surreal Greece: Taxation According to Age Criteria

That Greeks have been living in real surreal conditions, is something that people live here have been knowing for decades. But now, in times of the Troika, things are getting more and more absurd.  After the tough bargain between the Troika technocrats and Greek Finance Minister on Thursday morning (I will report about …

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Eurogroup-Juncker’s Raw Blackmail to Greeks “If not…” (video)

Euro-Indians Chief*, Jean Claude Juncker spitted out a raw blackmail towards the  Greek politicians and  intervened once again in the internal democratic procedures of a sovereign country. he even implied a “contagion” – as interpreted by the international media -, in case Greeks won’t adopt the Mid-Term Austerity Programme. Video J-C Juncker “If not.., …

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