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Monster Midterm Plan 2018-2021 in Greek Parliament, austerity €4.9billion

The omnibus bill and midterm plan for 2018-2021 has been submitted to the Greek Parliament. The relevant parliamentary committees are to examine 941 pages containing measures for fiscal targets and so-called reforms, the mid-term fiscal strategy framework and other provisions, before the plenary will vote it on Thursday, May 18 …

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Greek Parliament budget office: primary surplus targets are much too optimistic

“Primary surplus targets are much too optimistic,” says the budget office of the Greek Parliament with reference to the mid-term economic plan issued last week. In the report released on Friday, the budget office urges the ‘downwards revision of the primary surplus targets” and “the discussion on debt relief to …

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Mid-term plan: Greeks to pay additional €4.1billion in indirect taxes

Greek government may celebrate the primary surplus, but the financial gap remains. Greek companies and households will be called to pay 4.1 billion euro within the next four years 2015-2018. But as the government insists that they will be no new wages and pensions cuts, the revenues will come from …

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