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IMF/EU/ECB Statement on Greece

“Sudden death” for Greek Soccer and Fourty Years Slavery for Greece. Massive layoffs  in Public Administration, , massive attacks deep in our pockets. More taxes, VAT hikes,  recession. Greece for Sale. Markets Delete. A long death.  The 5th tranche of the €110 bailout will be relesed at the beginning of July, most …

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Greeks Trade €12bln Loan-Tranche for €6,5bln Revenues

The IMF/EU/ECB-Troika gave the green light for the release of the fifth bailout tranche of the 110 billion euro loan. According to a statement by Greece’s Finance Ministry “The discussions of the Greek government with the representatives of the EU, the ECB and the IMF concluded today positively”. The Greek …

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Additional Greek Bailout: A Blessing or a Curse?

The new bailout for Greece is unofficially sealed according to international and national media. A pretty packed additional aid of estimated €30-35 billion, revenues of €25 billion through privatizations and a kind of debt ‘recycling’ for €20 billion through private investors will apparently help Greece meet its creditors’ expectations and state expenditures needs. Details of the new deal …

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“Revolting” PASOK-MPs demand democratic procedures in Austerity Package voting

“To Give or Not to Give?” This question seems to torture 16 lawmakers from governing party PASOK currently contemplating on whether to give a letter they wrote to Prime Minister George Papandreou about the midterm austerity package that will have to be passed by the parliament in the middle of …

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