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HRW: Greek Police Ignore Rising Attacks On Migrants

The Greek authorities are failing to tackle a rising wave of xenophobic violence that has left migrants afraid to walk the streets. In the 99-page report, “Hate on the Streets: Xenophobic Violence in Greece,” the Human Rights Watch documents the failure of the police and the judiciary to prevent and punish …

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Three More Attacks Against Migrants in Athens and Crete

Three more most probably racism-motivated attacks took place in Greece in the last 24 hours. In Crete, a migrant, 25, from Egypt was attacked in the early morning hours of Tuesday at Talos Square in the old city of Chania. Two attackers beat the man with wood and iron sticks. The attackers …

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Greek Songmaker: Send Migrants to Remote Islands, Declare Athens in State of Emergency

Famous Greek musician Dionysis Savvopoulos dropped a bombshell in the middle of the debatte about of illegal immigrants and the worrying rise of violence and crime in Athens downtown. “Migrants should be transported to sparsely populated islands with low population under UN supervision, where they can cultivate land”, he said and added …

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Athens: Violence against Migrants continue

Another outbreak of violence occurred earlier Sunday in Athens downtown. A group of 10 people attacked two foreigners as they were walking down Menanrdrou street near Omonia square. They beat them , injured them and fled.  This adds to a series of attacks against legal or illegal migrants by groups of allegedly far-right …

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Far-Right Extremists Chase and Beat Immigrants in Athens Downtown (video)

The situation in Athens downtown is out of control and racism is growing wild. A group of far-right extremists started chasing coloured immigrants in Athens downtown after  a mass rally to commemorate Manolis Kantaris, 44, who was stabbed to death by criminals from North Africa, according to a security camera of a …

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Athens: Migrant attempted to set himself on fire

One migrant tried to set himself on fire while the group 300 former hunger strikers were getting on the buses to be transported to the island of Crete. Greek media reported that  one migrant poured fuel on his body and attempted to burn himself out of protest. His fellowmen managed to …

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