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Monkeypox cases in Greece rise to 32, says EODY

Greece’s National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced on Thursday that the total number of confirmed monkeypox cases in the country has risen to 32 from 20 a week earlier. All of the cases concern men, whose average age is 38 years old. They patients have all recovered or are recovering …

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Seven Monkeypox cases confirmed in Greece, 6 of them “imported”, says EODY (UPD)

A total of seven cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Greece, National Health Care Organization EODY announced on Thursday in the context of its weekly briefing. Six of them are “imported”, whole the seventh one is “local” without record of traveling abroad. The cases have already recovered or are …

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3rd Monkeypox case confirmed in Greece, a 4th under investigation

Greece’s National Public Health Care organization EODY announced on Thursday the third confirmed monkeypox case in the country. In a statement it added that testing on a further suspected case is ongoing. EODY stressed that all three confirmed cases are “imported”, that is that the patients were infected with the …

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Second case of monkeypox detected in Greece

A second case of monkeypox was announced by health authorities as first tests showed the man positive with non-veriola orthopox viruses to which belong also the monkeypox. According to health authorities, more tests are needed to confirm he is infected with the monkeypox and for this purpose samples have been …

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First case of monkeypox detected in Greece, EODY announced

The first case of monkeypox has been confirmed in Greece, national health care organization EODY announced late on Wednesday. Infected with the virus is a man with a recent trip to Portugal, health authorities said.. The patient is 49-years-old and returned from Portugal 15 days ago, ANT1 TV reported Thursday …

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Monkeypox vaccination not for general population, says Greece’s Vaccination Committee

Greece’s National Vaccination Committee has drawn up a roadmap regarding vaccinations against the monkeypox. At the same time, the country’s health authorities are awaiting recommendations by the European ECDC regarding the strategy to be followed and the use of vaccines against smallpox, vaccines that seem to provide some protection against …

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