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Life sentence for the two murderers of Pakistani migrant Lokman,27

An Athens court sentenced to life imprisonment and additional 32 months imprisonment Dionysis Liakopoulos and Christos for the cold-blooded murder of Sachzat Lokman, 27,  of Pakistani origin. The murder took place a year ago in Petralona suburb of Athens. The two men are also being defendants for the case of …

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Court gives life sentence to Pakistani who brutally attacked teenager girl in Paros

A Greek court sentenced the Pakistani who brutally attacked a teenager girl on the island of Paros with life sentence and additionally 25 years imprisonment.  The attack and sexual abuse of 15-year-old Myrto took place in 2012, when the girl had gone for a walk at the beach. The unconscious  …

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Awesome news: new island emerges off-shore of Pakistan after earthquake

It has absolutely nothing to do with Greece. But I find this news really awesome! That a new island emerged from the sea after an earthquake. Below a BBC story on the island that emerged off shore of Pakistan! Footage shows people flocking to see the new island, which oceanographer …

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Three More Attacks Against Migrants in Athens and Crete

Three more most probably racism-motivated attacks took place in Greece in the last 24 hours. In Crete, a migrant, 25, from Egypt was attacked in the early morning hours of Tuesday at Talos Square in the old city of Chania. Two attackers beat the man with wood and iron sticks. The attackers …

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