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Powerful storm in North-West Greece causes severe damages

A powerful storm swept throughοut north-western Greece on Saturday causing severe damages mainly in agricultural land, turning roads into rivers and squares into lakes. The biggest damages are been recorded in Athyra, Pella prefecture, where the storm uprooted trees. Many of them fell on the roofs of houses. A centenarian …

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Ambulance worker received full salary for 5 years but never appeared to work

For five whole years an employee at the ambulance service EKAV has been receiving his monthly salary month in, month out. However, he never bothered to appear at the service and do his duty. How could he? The man was very busy: he was working at the cafeteria of his …

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Greek Minister Tzakri: Another Blond to Bite the Political Dust?

newspaper APOKALYPSEIS Hardly has the dust of Gerekou- scandal settled down, another Blond Deputy Minister is likely to line to the queue to hit the road, if the accusations proven true. Theodora  Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralization & e-Gevernment is  being accused to have allegedly  ordained  36 cousins, relatives …

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