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Accident in shipyard repair zone kills one, seriously injures two workers

Workers at the Perama Shipyard Repair Zone have called a 24-hour strike and rally at the main gate of Perama on Tuesday following the accident which resulted in the death of a 47-year-old crane vehicle operator and the serious injuries of two workers. The accident occurred during operations to extract …

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Greece to reform Police Rapid Response Units after fatal shooting at Roma teen

Minister for Citizen Protection Takis Theodoriakos announced a series of measures and upgrades aiming at improving the efficiency of the Rapid Response Units, especially themotorcycle police units DIAS as well as in the operation of the Center of Command. The reforms come some ten days after a car chase in …

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12-year-old knocks out sexual assaulter with three kickboxing moves

A 12-year-old girl knocked out a sexual assaulter with three kickboxing moves and managed to escape the worse. The girl is a martial arts athlete and did not hesitate a minute to defend herself. Ioanna was returning home in Perama suburb of Piraeus with a public bus. A passenger followed …

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Golden Dawn intimidates Medecins du Monde polyclinic

Chanting slogans against migrants, a group of 30 Golden Dawn members gathered outside the polyclinic of humanitarian organization Medecins du Monde in Perama  on Thursday. At that point some 40 Greek and foreign patients,  among them many  children were inside the polyclinic. Dressed in the known GD uniforms, the troublemakers …

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Piraeus: Shipyard Workers Turn Over Police Car (video)

One should never provoke a jobless shipyard worker. The guys are tough, do tough work and have tough  muscles. This is the reality with which policemen had to be confronted early Wednesday in Greece – precisely in Perama district of Piraeus, an area known to host lots of tough guys since… ever. The …

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