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ICU for VIP: Health minister refers Hospital Workers Unionist to prosecutor

Greece’s health minister Thanos Plevris said early Thursday morning that he will refer the president of hospital workers union (POEDIN) to the prosecutor for the claims that public hospitals reserve beds in Intensive Care Units exclusively for Covid-patients who are Very Important Persons. Short time later, state broadcaster ERT reported …

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VIP-ICU: Hospital workers accuse Greek gov’t of reserving ICUs beds for V.I.P.

Hospital workers in Greece accused the conservative government on Wednesday of reserving Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds for “Vre Important Patients”, Greeks now call VIP-ICU. The allegations come as over 100 intubated patients are been “treated” outside ICUs in hospitals across the country. President of Hospital Workers Federation (POEDIN). Michalis …

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Greece’s Hospital Workers Union opposes mandatory vaccination

The union of workers at Greece’s public hospitals expressed its opposition to the mandatory vaccination announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday. According a statement issued by union umbrella POEDIN on Tuesday morning, medical staff is the social group that has the largest percentage of vaccination, reaching 90% (vaccinated, …

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Police batons against hospital workers amid the pandemic (video)

With tear gas and batons riot police went against hospital workers in downtown Athens on Wednesday morning. Protesters marched to the Health Ministry demanding a meeting with the Minister. However, police did not allow them to come closer. The union of public hospital workers POEDIN demands extension of work contracts …

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Authorities concerned about increased infections among health workers

Greece’s health authorities are increasingly concerned about a spike of coronavirus infections among the health workers in the country’s hospitals. Infected are doctors and nurses, even in clinics designated to deal with Covid-19 patients only. According to the union of hospital workers POEDIN, 70 health workers have been tested positive …

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