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40% of underground water in Greece is of poor quality

Over a third of Greece’s underground water is of poor quality, according to the 2022 annual report from the Hellenic Survey of Geology & Mineral Exploration (EAGME). The report identifies the main problems in the Aegean and coastal regions, where salinization of the aquifer is a prevalent concern. Additionally, rural …

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Shocking! 6.3million Greeks live in poverty or are at risk of poverty

It was high time that the real data of the economic situation of the Greek society come to the surface! 2.5 million Greeks live below the line of relative poverty and another 3.8million people are at risk of poverty! A total of 6.3million people, which means more than half of …

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Piraeus: Charity home for elderly in need of food – Can you help?

Another Greek story of needs, of basic human needs that need to be covered. Agios Panteleimon charity foundation for elderly hosts 44 seniors in Keratsini, a suburb of Piraeus.  Furthermore the charity offers soup kitchen meals to 60 poor locals on a daily basis and supplies with food items some …

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Shock in Athens: People Find Food in Garbage Bins (video)

Fish eggs, rotten vegetables, cracked eggs, expired dairy products, a loaf of old bread… They pick everything they think they can eat from the big garbage bins standing outside super-markets and restaurants. They set aside their dignity and dig deep in the stinking bins to secure something to eat. A …

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Greeks Queue For A Charity Free Meal

Thousands Greeks queue day in, day out for a free meal, a slice of bread and a bottle of water at the soup kitchens organized by charity organisations. While until recently the majority of the needy queueing for free meals were homeless, drug addicts and illegal immigrants, the picture changed in …

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